The Boogie Man From Birmingham
Steve "Big Man" Clayton
© Steve Clayton 2018
Thanks to Tommy “B” for organizing and being part of a highly successful tour of the Czech Republic, albeit under Corona conditions!!
The Czech audience really love the Blues so it was a pleasure to perform for them.
We met a lot of great fellow musicians and sampled the odd home-made Slivovitz, a Czech delight!!
It worked extremely well playing with Tommy “B” on drums and we plan to do more work together in the future.  
My winter concert programme has been wiped out by our good friend Corona.
There is still a lot of cautiousness amongst promoters and venues so bookings planned for 2022 are being penciled in and I hope they will be confirmed asap.
One can only wait & see.
I am starting to write songs for a new CD and will keep you posted on how it is developing.
Also, a live CD recording is planned for September with Tommy “B” on drums.